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Product ID: ZD002
Zebra'Dapter (Female End)
Zebra'Dapter (Female End)

Female Zebra'Dapter Quantity: 1
A Zebra'Dapter is a Fused Power Tap Cord (Cheater Cord.) It's standard 120V receptacle is lighted to show the voltage level at the plug:
No Light means No Power.
Normal Light means 120VAC Power is present.
Brilliant Light means you accidentally hooked it up to 240VAC! (Don't turn on the Vacuum Pump!)
The Zebra'Dapter is a significantly SAFER way to obtain 120V Power to run Vacuum Pumps, Charging Scales, Drop Lights, etc. It has an In-Line Fuse to help make your jobsite safer! Two fuses included.

• Crystal-Clear Clamshell Package with Hanging Hole
• Full-Color Insert
• Package Weight: 6 oz. each
• Standard Carton: 12 Pieces
• UPC Barcoded - 7 68467 30062 9
• Product Movement: "A+"  (click here for explanation)

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Because of possible product packaging damage in transit (the packages can be dented or crushed), we recommend that you always order Zebra'Dapters (ZD001, ZD002, or a combination of the two, like 5 of ZD001, and 7 of ZD002) in multiples of 12 pieces.

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