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Salado, TX

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Product ID: ZAPPRO
Plug-In Surge & Spike Protector (120-240V)
Plug-In Surge & Spike Protector (120-240V)

Quantity in each package: 1
Plug-In Transient, Surge, Lightning, & Spike Protection for 120-240 Volt Condensing Units and Furnaces.
To use, simply plug ZAP-PRO directly into contactor or circuit board, then attach ground strap... (Full instructions with photos in package.)
"The most common cause of Circuit Board component failure is damage as a result of poorly conditioned voltage."
This unit works with either 120v or 240v.

A Technical Paper is available for download, click here).

Flyer available under "Displays, Flyers, & Easels" (also, a PDF flyer is available for download).

A fast and convenient way to protect those expensive Units and Circuit Boards from 'dirty' incoming power and spikes.

• Crystal-Clear Clamshell Package with Hanging Hole
• Full-Color Insert with Instructions Inside
• Package Weight: 2 oz. each
• Standard Carton: 12 or 24 Pieces
• UPC Barcoded - 7 68467 30073 5
• Product Movement: "A" (click here for explanation)


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