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Product ID: VZPRO
ECM Motor Protector (120-240V)
ECM Motor Protector (120-240V)

Quantity in each package: 1
Plug-In Transient, Surge, Lightning, & Spike Protection for ECM Motors.
To use, simply plug VZPRO directly into motor, then plug motor's harness into the VZPRO... (Full instructions with photos in package.)
"The most common cause of ECM Motor failure is damage to the electronics module as a result of poorly conditioned voltage."
This unit works with either 120v or 240v GE ECM motors.

A Technical Paper is available for download, click here). 

Flyer available under "Displays, Sales & Marketing Helps" (also, a PDF flyer is available for download).

A fast and convenient way to protect those expensive ECM Motors and Modules from 'dirty' incoming power and spikes.

• Crystal-Clear Clamshell Package with Hanging Hole
• Full-Color Insert with Instructions Inside
• Package Weight: 2 oz. each
• Standard Carton: 12 or 24 Pieces
• UPC Barcoded - 7 68467 30300 2
• Product Movement: "A"  (click here for explanation)


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