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Salado, TX

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Product ID: PRO24
Plug-In Surge and Spike Protector (24V)
Plug-In Surge and Spike Protector (24V)

Quantity in each package: 1
Plug-In Transient, Surge, Lightning, & Spike Protection for 24V systems..
To use, plug the system's 24VAC transformer's output leads onto the PRO24's "Line" side wires (the side with the inline fuse). Plug the PRO24's "Load" side wires where the transformer's leads used to go. Connect green wire's terminal to a secure ground point. Insert proper fuse/ Place sticker nearby. Enjoy continuous protection. (Full instructions in package.)
"The most common cause of HVAC circuit board failure is damage to the electronics module as a result of poorly conditioned voltage."
This unit works with 24V systems ONLY.

• Crystal-Clear Clamshell Package with Hanging Hole
• Full-Color Insert with Instructions Inside
• Package Weight: 2 oz. each
• Standard Carton: 12 or 24 Pieces
• UPC Barcoded - 7 68467 30072 8 
• Product Movement: "NEW"


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