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First Production!



Salado, TX

About Zebra HVAC   

Started in 2005

Zebra HVAC made its first appearance in early 2005. An HVAC/R Tech from Texas realized that there was a need for a gadget that could help other Techs understand what was going on (electrically speaking) in the control circuits of modern HVAC/R systems. The result was a product that became known as the ZebraStat.

Assembly of the new product began in the Tech's living room. A spare bedroom was the "home office". After being introduced to their first Manufacturer's Rep (Mike McCall of Michael Sales Group) the small company began to grow. By late March 2005, the Tech was forced to retire from HVAC/R work to keep up with sales from the ZebraStat. Production needs grew and soon claimed the garage and dining room as "necessary" areas.

Other products and an ever-expanding sales area resulted in 3 moves to larger facilities in the two years that followed. Zebra's current home is in an industrial park in Salado, TX. More than forty products have been introduced to more than 1000 distributors in the U.S. and Canada by a sales force of over 20 Manufacturer's Reps.

Zebra HVAC feels honored to have become a company that Techs can look to for innovative tools at reasonable prices. Future plans are to introduce quality diagnostic tool and adapters as new motors are introduced, as well as making educational products to meet the needs of a growing Technician force.

Why the Name Zebra?

Being in the HVAC/R Contracting business is sometimes like playing "King of the Mountain". Many companies compete fiercely to get an ever-larger share of the work that's available in a city. The Tech that started Zebra HVAC was no exception to the competition for that business, and since Yellow Page advertising brought in a large amount of new business to the firm, he used all the 'tricks' to get his share. Putting two "A's" in front of his company name to insure good placement in the directory worked well, but it seemed ridiculous to have to do something so silly just to keep his market share.

He resolved to do things differently for his new tool manufacturing company. Trusting the success and operational principles to his belief in a Higher Power, he resolved to put the new company's name last in any alphabetical list (starting with a "Z"!), so any "blessings" the company received would not be from the result of cut-throat tactics, but the providence of that Higher Power.

Early one morning, the Tech and his wife had narrowed the list of possible company names down to two: Zachary HVAC and Zebra HVAC. A week later, the Tech was told that the name of his newest grand-son was "Zachary". Not wanting the other grandchildren to feel any partiality in the future, Zebra was chosen by default.

"We Run Our Stripes Off For You!"

Our slogan's pretty appropriate. From the beginning, we've always tried to make serving our customers our highest priority. For our product's ultimate customers (the Techs, the homeowners and building owners they serve), we strive to make useful tools and products that save their time and make their diagnoses more accurate. Because we were founded by a Tech, we still have the "Heart" of a Tech; we understand how difficult it is to spend his paycheck for his tools, and we strive to keep our prices reasonable. Consistent with that, we also try to buy as many of the raw products as possible from U.S. sources, and we manufacture our major products right here in Texas, U.S.A.

For our Distributor customers, we try to ship every order by the next business day. We want to provide you with quick, efficient service. We're aware that as we grow, it will be more and more difficult to keep these goals. We'll try not to lose that focus as we grow.

Thank you for your trust.


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